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Void Glow – No sun warms the Sundered Skies. Instead, a red-orange light fills the void between the floating island realms, driving those with prolonged exposure to the constant glow mad with rage and insanity. Those whose succumb to Glowmadness, become subject to hideous physical transformation to match the hate-filled spirit that has claimed their hearts and minds. The Void Glow is strongest in the vast expanse between islands. The islands too are bathed in this maddening light, but there are unknown, invisible forces that surround each of the islands. Most believe this force to be a gift of the gods, helping prevent entire cultures from succumbing to glowmadness. Yet, the void glow is a constant threat and, even on the islands, too much of the glow can cause irritability and anger.

House Rules

Void Glow on Islands – The Void Glow is a constant threat, even on islands. However, due to the protective nature of the invisible island barriers, receiving only glow exposure on an island during a day grants a +1 bonus to any Glowmadness roll.

Savage Worlds Game Mechanics

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