Soulflame Pistol

weapon (ranged)

The ash from the furnace of the Bone Queen’s barge, built on the skeleton of the ancient dragon Soulflame, enchanted Decker’s gun, transforming the barrel into the neck and head of a dragon while the stock and butt become covered in scales.

Range 7/14/28 / Damage 2d6+2 / RoF 1 / Weight 4

  • AP 1
  • The gun never needs to be reloaded (but can only fire 1/round).
  • The gun fires a flaming shot which has a 1 in 6 chance of setting a target alight.
  • Wounds caused to undead by this weapon cannot be soaked.
  • When the gun is used, the character spends the next complete day (sleep cycle) with both the Bloodthirsty and Vengeful Major Hindrances. This counts as one level of glowmadness.

Soulflame Pistol

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