A Blood Red Sky

Search for Tony Hawk (Part 1)

Session 5

With the ship back at full power and the crew rested, the Night Ranger headed towards Gateway with the hope that the salvage discovered during the previous adventures could finally be sold. In addition, Zev needed to report his findings to Thomas Hawk.

The trip to Gateway was uneventful, and, in a fortunate coincidence, it turned out that Thomas Hawk was the man who could potentially pay for the salvage. Upon docking at Gateway, the crew headed directly to “The Hawk’s Nest” to handle their business with the elder Hawk.

Zev reported on his adventures and presented the attunement soil found in the Arcane Cave on Ortag’s Bane (as the island of explosive dysentery became affectionately known to the crew) to Mr. Hawk. Thomas Hawk took the soil to the navigator’s guild to determine its viability and promised to start trying to move the salvage for a substantial profit.

After a cycle in port and with no material progress in either selling salvage or finding affordable projectiles, Mr. Hawk informed the crew that one of the boxes of soil was found to be of unknown origin and still be capable of traveling. For the love of adventure and 1000 cogs, the band of adventurers decided to race against the attunement decay to try and finally learn the fate of Tony Hawk.

The soil led them to a small island with a freighter crashed into what appeared to be a lighthouse. The debris around the island was too thick to allow the Night Ranger passage, so the crew, minus Captain Jack, took a dinghy to the island. As they approached, the party was attacked by irascible Void Apes. They were quickly dispatched and the party docked on the island only to be attacked a second time as they tried to climb onto the wreckage of the freighter. The apes were again quickly dispatched , but Decker was badly injured. Fortunately, he was to recover completely thanks to Zev’s healing prowess and some magic from the Lord of Festival.

From below decks, a wafting stench from below drew most of the adventurers into the hold with the cautious exception of Marn Spanner. There, they were attacked by even more Void Apes and a oversized, grossly misshapen void leader. To the starboard side, a gaping hole opened into the tower. Stairs could be faintly observed leading down.

These apes were killed and their lifeless bodies lay spread around the below deck. Realizing that most of their mystic might had been spent, the group decided to take the salvage they had found so far back to the Night Ranger where they could recharge. As the group started carrying salvage back to the boat, a powerful noxious wind emanated from the hole in the tower and seemingly reanimated the void ape bodies. Only Decker and Scuttlebutt were below deck when a powerful, undead hand closed around Scuttlebutt’s ankle, causing the Orc wet himself in fear. A pair of sinister glowing eyes were seen staring from the hole in the tower…



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