A Blood Red Sky

Enter the Dragon

Session 7

As the Night Ranger headed back toward Gateway, Scuttlebutt was plagued by nightmares of demons and tendrils bursting out of his chest. Curious about whether or not this was caused by the amulet, Decker suggested that Zev bring the amulet to Scuttlebutt. The amulet immediately began glowing brightly and becoming warm to the touch. Zev quickly put it back into his pouch and moved to the other end of the ship, but the glow and heat only intensified. Zev held up the amulet in his bag, trying to decide if he should throw it from the ship when it burned through the pouch and fell to the deck of the ship. Thinking only of the damage it could cause, Captain Jack picked up the amulet with his bare hand and tried to throw it off the ship. He did not succeed.

A bright light burst forth blinding everyone on deck as Captain Jack screamed in agony. Strangely, his screams began to fade then Zev was attacked by a large creature standing where Jack once stood. Hearing Zev scream in agony, Ortag, Scuttlebutt, and Decker blindly moved toward the front of the ship as Marn took cover behind a mast. Ortag stunned the beast with a mighty blow, allowing Zev to get away from the creature. As the light faded, Marn was able to see well enough to blasted away at the demon. The party seemed to be getting the best of the demon when it released a powerful blast that stunned and injured the nearest combatants. Fortunately, Marn was bring the creature down with a pinpoint shot from the Marn-o-matic death ray. The demon exploded with a tremendous force, driving everyone to the Night Ranger’s deck. Reeling from the blast, the party helplessly watched an ethereal figure of light emerge from the portal and speak to them in a resounding voice,

Travelers, let this be known to you. I am the god, Lightbringer. I have beheld a moment of clarity. Before my insanity, I was Oceanius, Lord of the Oceans. Your defeat of the evil infesting this ancient medallion has awakened this clarity of thought. It was once a holy symbol of my priests, but I have not seen its like since before the dawn of this world.

There is a battle, a final battle, that shall soon engulf the Skies. The fate of the Skies will rest upon you are receiving this knowledge, for soon, insanity shall grip me again. Seek these artifacts of the Souls in preparation for the final battle.

The fuel that burns in the Queen’s barge where a dragon’s heart will awaken a dragon’s spirit;
The armor of Orcbane;
Festival’s harp, ignored by my followers;
The hammer of the damned dwarf;
And, the raven staff.

Recover them all, for soon the Shield will fail again. If you heroes do not carry this burden the world shall be no more.

Begin your quest by seeking Joeseth Truthbearer in Gateway for his journey intersects with the path you must travel.

As Lightbringer finished speaking, he moved to where Scuttlebutt was reeling from the blast. Lightbringer pressed his ghostly hand into Scuttlebutt’s chest and ripped the tendriled presence from him. Then Lightbringer moved back through the portal and it closed leaving the Oceanius medallion resting upon the floor.

When Lightbringer vanished and Captain Jack did not reappear, Marn took the helm of the Night Ranger, with the aid of Decker and Scuttlebutt. Once the Night Ranger arrived at Gateway, Scuttlebutt took over to dock the ship at port. Ortag volunteered to “defend” the Night Ranger while the rest of the party went to visit Thomas Hawk, who was devastated to hear of his son’s demise but relieved to have some closure. Decker bought a flintlock pistol that Thomas had been able to find from one of his sources.

Following the lead provided by Lightbringer, Zev directed the group to find Joeseth Truthbearer on God’s Parade, a wide avenue in Gateway that is populated with temples to the many gods. From Zev’s knowledge of Gateway, he was able to recall that Joeseth was a bit of an oddity in his beliefs. He worshiped the Rotting One, but as the goddess of Love. Joeseth claimed that the goddess of Love made the ultimate sacrifice for the peoples of the Sundered Skies, but was prevented from passing on to her final reward. However, he was an enemy of the Bright Cabal, actively opposing their their reign within the Shattered City.

Zev spotted Joeseth in his purple robes made, as he was hurriedly making his way down the main road. A quick conversation revealed that Joeseth has some knowledge of the fuel that burns within the Queen’s barge. Joeseth theorized that the crew could get onto the Bone Queen’s barge by faking death using a concoction that he had created. Over Marn’s strenuous objections, the party agreed to Joeseth’s plan. Each member of the party drank a vial of Joeseth’s potion and fell into a deathlike state.

Joeseth Truthbearer’s plan worked. When the potion wore off and the party woke up, they were in a pile of dead bodies on the Bone Queen’s barge. Unarmed, they made their way down a hallway where they found some zombies sorting their weapons. As they picked up their weapons, the zombies tried to take them away. Ortag lost his temper and attacked one of the zombies, starting a battle between the zombies and the partially armed party. The zombies were quickly dispatched, the party’s wounds healed by Decker and Zev. Marn managed to pick out the sound of the engine room and led the rest of the party to its location. As they moved through the corridors, it became obvious that the Queen’s barge was made from the carcass of a dragon.

The party was ready for combat as Ortag opened the door to the engine room. A group of zombies and a wraith immediately turned to attack the party while three ghouls continued to steer the ship. Zev and Marn concentrated on the wraith, completely neutralizing it, while the others destroyed the zombies. The party easily dispatched their foes but not before the alarm was sounded. Zev barred the door with his staff while the others went to the back of the engine room. Ortag and Scuttlebutt worked together to force a rusted latch open, getting the door unlocked just as the undead hordes burst through the door to the engine room. Marn opened the door at the back of the engine room, staying out of the doorway as he did so. The fiery form of a dragon flew around the engine room and entered Zev’s body through his mouth.

Zev’s chest felt like it was burning as he heard the words “free my soul” in his mind. Zev exhaled a large stream of fire that flowed through the entire ship, incinerating all undead in its path. The stream of fire also had another unexpected effect, transforming Decker’s pistol into a gun shaped like a dragon. As the fire flowed through the ship, it began to lurch, presumably from the lack of anyone steering it and the damage inflicted from the the dragon fire. The party made its way to the top deck, noticing along the way that he dragon carcass seemed to be turning back into living flesh. On the top deck, there were a number of life boats on either side. The party quickly picked one and jumped inside. Looking back, Decker saw the Bone Queen screaming from the galley. Curious about the capabilities of the newly transformed dragon gun, he took a shot at her. The gun blasted a flaming projectile that hit her squarely in the chest and engulfed her in flames.

The dragon completed its metamorphosis from undead dragon carcass to living dragon then vanished from site in a flash, leaving the party alone in their life boat.



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