NAME: Decker
RACE: Wildling (Cat)
CAMPAIGN: A Blood Red Sky
RULESET: Sundered Skies/Savage Worlds
RANK: Novice
XP: 0

WOUNDS! -1 -2 -3 INC!
FATIGUE! -2 -1

Agility:  d8
Smarts:   d6
Spirit:   d8
Strength: d6
Vigor:    d6

Pace: 6" 
Parry(2+Fighting/2): 3 
Toughness(2+Vigor/2): 5
Grit(Rank): 1(Novice)
Charisma: 0

Small (Major) - -1 Toughness
Fugitive - Always on the run from Elves
Clueless (Major)
Loyal (Minor)
Phobia (Minor) - Fear of imprisonment

Arcane Background (Miracles) - Priest of The Lord of Festival
Brawny - +1 to Toughness, 8 x Str for carrying weight instead of 5 x Str
Glowmad Immunity
+2 Climbing

Boating(Ag) d4
Fighting(Ag) d4
Gambling(Sm) d4
Guts(Sp) d6
Healing(Sm) d4
Notice(Sm) d4
Persuasion(Sp) d4
Shooting(Ag) d8
Streetwise(Sm) d4
Faith (Sp) d8

COGS: $205

Whetstone (1 lb)
Waterskin (1 lb)                 
Sling Stones - 20 (2 lb)
Backpack (2 lbs)

Leather +1 (10 lbs)

Sling 4/8/16 Str+d4 (5 lbs)
Cutlass Str+d6 (4 lbs)


Our hero was created in the Fleshforge and immediately sent to the holding pens. He was called Big Cat by his fellow wildlings because of his brawny build and the fact that he was, well, a cat. Big Cat was never put to work because the elves were generally not concerned with maximizing the utilization of their slave labor. When one wildling outlived its usefulness, a replacement was pulled from the holding pens.

A group of elven boughbreakers managed to free all the wildlings in the holding pens near the Fleshforge. Big Cat and the number of others were escorted to the Rubicon and shipped away in the dead of night. The Rubicon was an unremarkable frigate captained by Jerry Martini.

The wildlings were kept below decks for their safety and the convenience of the crew, but Big Cat felt compelled to explore his new surroundings. He somehow managed to get out of the hold and onto the deck met one of the deck hands. The friendly and talkative deck hand, Brad Gillis, offered to teach Big Cat how to be a deck hand, or decker. The wildling liked the term and decided to rename himself Decker. When the Rubicon reached Bridgeways, Brad told the wildling that it was his last day on the ship and offered to continue training Decker on his new ship, the Night Ranger.

Decker joined the crew of the Night Ranger under the command of Captain Jack Blades, another former crew member of the Rubicon. Blades and the rest of the crew were happy to have Decker on board because he was immune to the effects of the void and was cheap labor. Decker was happy to have a purpose. Over the ensuing months aboard the old steam ship, Decker learned how to pull his weight as a member of the crew.

The Night Ranger was primarily a cargo shipping vessel, but the crew was happy to transport passengers as well. One such passenger was the famed Songpriest Jonbon Jovi.

The four men spent months picking up and delivering goods. Gillis continued to teach Decker the ins and outs of the shipping business as well as some of his preferred card games. Decker also accompanied the men onto shore, when it seemed safe to do so, and learned about buying provisions and whistling at women. The first adversity struck when Keagy lost his hand in the machinery of the steam engine. They had to quickly get to port and get Keagy to a doctor. Money was tight and so was the schedule, so Captain Jack, Gillis, and Decker were soon back on the ship and off to the next port.

Later, the Night Ranger docked at Shadowhaven. During the night, there was a shouting match between Gillis and Blades. Gillis sullenly left the ship, leaving Decker and Captain Jack Blades as the only members of the crew. The two man crew made it all the way to The Meeting Place. They added a pair of orcs, some supplies, and more freight then headed towards Mount Ore and Deepsky. The orcs were both passengers and served as deck hands. Decker enjoyed teaching them what to do, and Captain Jack was thrilled to have people who were actually paying to be crew members. During the trip, the Night Ranger seemed to blow a gasket or something. She still ran but only at half speed.

Things took a turn for the worse when the ship arrived at Deepsky Citadel. One of the orcs pointed menacingly at Decker then fell over dead. The other orc, Ortag, gave him a crazy stare. Decker’s attempts to find somewhere else to be and something else to do were foiled by Ortag following Decker around. The news got worse when the trade council guards ordered everyone off the ship while they investigated.

Decker spotted some elves on the docks and ran for cover. He managed to slip away from Ortag and hide in the hold. Another orc came into the hold shortly thereafter and started carrying out the kegs that were to be delivered to the Sky Bar. Decker hitched a ride with the orc, who either did not notice or mind carrying him. Unfortunately, Ortag noticed him and followed close behind.

When they reached the back of the tavern, Decker headed towards the bar and asked an official looking dwarf if there was somewhere for him to have some privacy. The dwarf took him to the back room and opened the door. As luck would have it, there were two elves already in the room. Their eyes bulged at the site of a wildling, and Decker jumped out of their reach.

They had started professing that they meant no harm when a roaring orc charged into the room swinging an axe. The orc surprised everyone, including the dwarf, and swung his axe in huge arcs. The elves and the dwarf were all dismembered. Decker quickly headed back to the ship. Luck had finally turned his way as the trade council officially declared the death an accident and allowed everyone back on the ship. The dead orc was removed from the ship, and Captain Jack came back aboard with a human engineer in tow. The group was sailing away in moments, headed towards Shadowhaven.


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