A Blood Red Sky

Search for Tony Hawk (Part 2)

Session 6

As the void apes stood up to do battle once more, Decker and Scuttlebutt noticed tendrils connecting the creature in the doorway to the apes. Rather than attacking the apes directly, the two combatants attempted to attack the tendrils instead while shouting for help from the other members of the party.

The battle was quickly joined by Marn, Ortag, and Zev. Ortag kept the animated apes at bay while the others attacked the tendrils. Scuttlebutt’s maul workedto devastating effect while Marn and Zev were able to damage the tendrils as well. Decker’s sling was useless against the tendrils, so he started to focus on the bloated head that could now be seen peering out of the doorway.

Scuttlebutt cleared the nearest tendrils, causing the apes to fall back to the floor. Then, he charged the creature in the doorway. As the creature stepped forward, it’s large puffy mass could be seen. It was at this point, that the creature dealt a devastating blow to Scuttlebutt, leaving him incapacitated. Ortag finished his tendril and joined the attack on the demonic creature as Zev worked feverishly to keep Scuttlebutt from dying. Marn armed himself with his sling once the Marn-o-matic death ray ran out of power. Decker drew his cutlass and joined Ortag.

Zev was able to save the life of Scuttlebutt, and the orc, not knowing when to quit, stood back up to do battle once more. Zev moved forward to add another melee target to the creature. The heroes began to turn the tide and ended the creature’s existence with a slice of Decker’s cutlass. Scuttlebutt’s internals were still leaking out, but the party survived the battle.

After the battle, the party examined the grotesque creature. Zev found an amulet around its neck, but his mystic powers revealed nothing of its nature except that it contained a powerful enchantment. Decker vaguely remembered hearing of an amulet called “demon puppet” at some point in his travels and the description of that amulet matched this one. The party took the amulet and headed downstairs into the lighthouse. Inside, they found gloves that could only have belonged to Tony Hawk. In addition, they found more salvage, a silver rapier, a broken bow, and a couple of spears. The party quickly loaded everything their spoils onto the dinghy, and headed back to the Night Ranger.



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