A Blood Red Sky

An Old Acquaintance

Session 2

The abandoned village stood motionless after the merciless slaughter of the feral dogs. Ortag was dispatched to inspect the door of the common hall and found it was weaker than it looked, but barred from the inside. He attempted to force the door open, but overexerted himself, slipped and cracked his thick skull. Reeling from the impact and enraged by the ensuing laugher of the other party members, Ortag charged the door. As he threw his mighty frame into it, it splintered into a thousand shards and sent him tumbling to the floor where he lay; shaken and babbling in some incoherent prayer.

The building appeared to be a meeting house with a raised dais at the far end and the floor was wooden with and obvious subfloor beneath. A foul, organic stench rose from below and there appeared to be movement.

A few moments of inspection found a trapdoor and Marn, the engineer, shone his lantern into the hole and a battle ready Drakin was preparing for his doom; tho not without a fight.

Decker’s face flashed recognition at the Drakin in the hole and the silence of fight or flight decisions was broken by Marn easily flipping the switch to power on the crystal charging unit of his Marn-O-Matic Lighting EvisceratorTM.

Decker did in fact recognize the Drakin, realizing they had traveled together many years back and after a tale involving commercial farming, espionage and skateboards (possibly) that reminded our crew of the tall tales of the masterful storyteller Sir Michael of Lee, they decided to allow Zev, a caster, to lead them into the remnants of a destroyed water conveyance in the hopes that there might be salvageable parts to repair the Night Ranger.

Roughly halfway to the pump’s wreckage, the party encountered two Feral Bulls and a mysterious Elven controller. It was a wicked fight with Botox nearly succumbing to the awesome power of the Bulls but in the end, the party, spent and wounded, emerged victorious. Everyone decided it was better to walk the short walk back to the Night Ranger and heal up and regain some power before attempting the walk to the lake.

Captain Jack was happy to prepare flank steaks for dinner that night aboard the ship and sounds of merriment and carousing emanated loudly from the head during one of Orblack’s visits to, as he euphemistically put it, “Pet the cat man…” as he leered obscenely at Decker.



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